5 Questions: Gold

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In what event did Babe Didrickson win her first gold medal at the 1932 Olympic Games?

Modern pentathlon
Javelin throw
High jump
Long jump
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What fairy tale character (credited to the Brothers Grimm) was able to spin straw into gold?

Snow White
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Who co-hosted the syndicated TV series Solid Gold with Marilyn McCoo after Andy Gibb left the show?

Rex Smith
Shaun Cassidy
David Naughton
Leif Garrett
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What silent film star produced, directed and starred in the 1925 film comedy The Gold Rush?

Harold Lloyd
Buster Keaton
Douglas Fairbanks
Charlie Chaplin
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Until the 1990s, intramuscular injections of gold salts were frequently used to treat what disease?

Celiac disease
Rheumatoid arthritis