5 Questions: Know Your Onions

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Journalist Daniel Pearl was reporting for what publication when he was kidnapped and murdered by Pakistani militants in 2002?

The Washington Post
The Wall Street Journal
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What singer's 1971 version of "Spanish Harlem" outperformed Ben E. King's original release and went on to sell over a million copies?

Gladys Knight
Roberta Flack
Aretha Franklin
Tina Turner
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Which of the following brands of cereal is sold in a yellow box (which the company attempted to trademark in 2015)?

Lucky Charms
Raisin Bran
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What Bewitched actress portrayed Bette Davis' housekeeper Velma in the 1964 film thriller Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte?

Agnes Moorehead
Elizabeth Montgomery
Marion Lorne
Alice Ghostley
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The notorious Bermuda Triangle is located in what body of water?

Pacific Ocean
Mediterranean Sea
Black Sea
Atlantic Ocean