5 Questions: All "-gon"

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Which of the following was the brand name of a classic best-selling children's little red wagon?

Apple Crate
Radio Flyer
Wacky Racer
Pistol Packin' Pee Wee
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The element Argon belongs to which of the following subsets on the Periodic Table?

Alkaline Earth Metal
Transition Metal
Noble Gas
Diatomic Molecule
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Musician Daryl Dragon was half of the duo that took which of the following songs to the Number One spot on the Billboard Pop Chart in 1975?

He Don't Love You (Like I Love You)
Love Won't Let Me Wait
Love Will Keep Us Together
Best of My Love
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What side order was Jack Nicholson originally denied in the classic diner scene in the film Five Easy Pieces, which was filmed at a Denny's near Eugene, Oregon?

Wheat toast
Hash browns
Sausage gravy
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Which of the following advertising tag lines was used in a long-running TV commercial for Calgon water softener?

Ring around the collar
You're soaking in it
It's not nice to fool Mother Nature
Ancient Chinese secret