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Where would you be most likely to find silverfish?

In a swamp
In a freshwater lake
In an old book
In the desert
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What blonde "bombshell" actress was 27 years old when she played a 16-year-old juvenile delinquent named Silver in the 1959 film Girls Town?

Mamie Van Doren
June Wilkinson
Jayne Mansfield
Diana Dors
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Which of the following chemical elements is sometimes referred to as "quicksilver"?

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Ricky Schroder, who starred in the TV sitcom Silver Spoons, made his acting debut at age nine as a prizefighter's son in what 1979 film?

Raging Bull
The Champ
The Main Event
Rocky II
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Actress Alicia Silverstone appeared in the music videos for "Crazy" and "Cryin'", which were hits for what band?

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Bon Jovi
Hootie & the Blowfish