5 Questions: Sparks

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Which of the following emcees was once the host of the TV game show Beat the Clock and is also the brother of fellow game show host Tom Kennedy?

Bud Collyer
Monty Hall
Jack Narz
Bill Cullen
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Howard Hughes designed a special underwire brassiere for Jane Russell to wear in order to accentuate her performance in what 1943 film?

Double Dynamite
His Kind of Woman
The Outlaw
Gentlemen Marry Brunettes
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Which U.S. President was the last to regularly sport a moustache?

Theodore Roosevelt
William H. Taft
Abraham Lincoln
Harry S Truman
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Cartoonist Harold Gray created what comic strip as a propaganda tool to vent his hatred of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal?

Little Orphan Annie
Gasoline Alley
Li'l Abner
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Pineapple juice is a primary ingredient in which of the following cocktails?

Whiskey Sour
Harvey Wallbanger
Pina Colada