5 Questions: Shopping at the Drugstore

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Which of the following dinosaurs was noted for its elaborate cranial crest?

Tyrannosaurus Rex
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Which character on TV's WKRP in Cincinnati always had an adhesive bandage visible on some part of his anatomy in each episode?

Johnny Fever
Herb Tarlek
Venus Flytrap
Les Nessman
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Suave actor David Niven co-hosted the Academy Awards the same year he won a Best Actor statue for his role in what film?

Around the World in 80 Days
The Prisoner of Zenda
Separate Tables
Casino Royale
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What supermodel-turned-actress starred as the victim of a vicious assault in the 1976 revenge thriller Lipstick?

Janice Dickinson
Cheryl Tiegs
Margaux Hemingway
Lauren Hutton
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Which of the following cocktails does NOT include orange zest as part of its traditional recipe?

Gin Sling
Old Fashioned