5 Questions: All "Soul"s Day

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Which of the following professionals is the most likely to refer to "souls on board" when referring to passengers and crew members?

Train engineer
Cruise ship captain
Airline pilot
Bus driver
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Which of the following bands backed up James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, on many of his classic hits?

The Famous Flames
The Midnighters
The Blue Caps
The Nite-Liters
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What automaker produces a front-wheel-drive five door compact crossover model called Soul?

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What Saturday Night Live alum starred as a widowed Episcopal priest on the short-lived TV sitcom Soul Man?

Garrett Morris
Dan Aykroyd
Joe Piscopo
Tim Kazurinsky
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Vanessa Williams, the star of the 1997 film Soul Food, previously held what distinction?

American Idol winner
Miss Universe
Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model
Miss America