5 Questions: Area Code

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The mathematical formula pronounced as "pi R squared" is used to find the area of what geometric shape?

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The murder of what museum's curator was surrounded by a number of cryptic clues that launched an investigation in the 2006 film The Da Vinci Code?

National Gallery
Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art
The Louvre
Victoria and Albert Museum
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Area 51, the site of many UFO sightings and conspiracy theories, is located at a U.S. Air Force base in what state?

New Mexico
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The oldest academic honor code in the U.S. was implemented in 1736 at which of the following schools (the second-oldest institution of higher learning in the country)?

West Point
Yale University
College of William & Mary
Dartmouth College
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Which of the following tourist attractions has a restricted airspace area above it that is a federally designated "no fly zone"?

Niagara Falls
The Grand Canyon
Mount Rushmore