5 Questions: Black Friday

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In which installment of the Airport movie franchise did Karen Black play a flight attendant who had to take over the controls after an in-flight disaster?

Airport 1975
The Concorde...Airport '79
Airport '77
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What was the first name of Sgt. Friday, the character portrayed by Jack Webb on the radio and TV police drama series Dragnet?

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Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie was once a regular on what cable TV children's show?

You Can't Do That on Television
Kids Incorporated
The Mickey Mouse Club
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What color are the diagonal stripes in the logo of the TGI Friday's restaurant chain?

Black and white
Blue and white
Orange and white
Red and white
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What murder victim's death was highly publicized and subsequently earned her the nickname "The Black Dahlia"?

Sharon Tate
Elizabeth Short
Kitty Genovese
Peg Entwistle