5 Questions: More Christmas "Card"s

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What celebrity who grew up in Hollywood with famous parents wrote the 1987 semi-autobiographical novel Postcards from the Edge?

Jamie Lee Curtis
Michael Douglas
Carrie Fisher
Kiefer Sutherland
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Christmas is the biggest seller when it comes to buying and sending greeting cards; which of the following holidays is in second place?

Mother's Day
Father's Day
Valentine's Day
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What TV sitcom character reportedly sparked a surge in applications for a library card after he applied for one in a 1977 episode?

Vinnie Barbarino
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What game (originally developed by Parker Brothers) was inspired by the Chicago Board of Trade and involved players simultaneously trading various commodity cards?

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What game show host (and longtime friend of Elvis Presley) had a million-selling Top 10 Billboard hit in 1959 with the spoken-word song "Deck of Cards"?

Bob Eubanks
Peter Tomarken
Wink Martindale
Bill Cullen