5 Questions: Everyone Knows It's Windy

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Before it became better known as the Windy City, Chicago shared which of the following nicknames with Cincinnati, Ohio?

Mistake on the Lake
Little Detroit
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What country singer used to co-star with Porter Wagoner in TV commercials for Breeze laundry detergent (featuring a Cannon bath towel in every box!)?

Tammy Wynette
Loretta Lynn
Dottie West
Dolly Parton
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Which of the following was the first Atlantic tropical cyclone (which caused moderate damage to the U.S. Gulf Coast in July 1979) to be officially designated using a masculine name?

Hurricane Andrew
Hurricane Boris
Hurricane Bob
Hurricane Arthur
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Jennifer Saunders played a character named Edina Monsoon on what wildly popular British TV sitcom?

Absolutely Fabulous
The Office
Red Dwarf
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What ice cream parlor chain offers a menu item called a Blizzard, which features soft-serve ice cream mixed with a variety of available ingredients, such as Oreo Cookie pieces or M&Ms?

Ben & Jerry's
Cold Stone Creamery
Dairy Queen