5 Questions: Fell Off the Resolution "Wagon"

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What do our friends in the U.K. call the vehicle that Americans describe as a station wagon?

Kombi van
Estate car
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Which of the following 1981 Number One Billboard "love" hit singles was a track from REO Speedwagon's Hi Infidelity album?

I Love a Rainy Night
Keep On Loving You
The One That You Love
Endless Love
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The TV Western Wagon Train, starring Ward Bond, chronicled the adventures of a stalwart group as they made their way from what U.S. state to (eventually) California?

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Which of the following brand names was typically found on the classic children's "little red wagon"?

Radio Flyer
Red Ryder
Robin Hood
Raleigh Rambler
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What craggy-faced actor starred in the 1969 Western musical Paint Your Wagon, and had a surprise Number One hit in the U.K. with his guttural growling rendition of "Wand'rin Star"?

Van Heflin
Jack Palance
Lee Marvin
Chuck Connors