5 Questions: Supreme Court Cases

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The roe from what type of fish is traditionally used to process into caviar?

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Third baseman Wade Boggs (who once described himself as a "sex addict" to Barbara Walters) played for 11 seasons with which Major League Baseball team?

Cleveland Indians
Seattle Mariners
Cincinnati Reds
Boston Red Sox
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What is the occupation of Charlie Brown's father in the Peanuts comic strip?

Garbage man
Truck driver
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What actress sang "On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe" in the 1946 film musical The Harvey Girls, which helped it win an Academy Award for Best Original Song?

Judy Garland
Kathryn Grayson
Betty Grable
Alexis Smith
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What actress portrayed attorney Miranda Hobbes on the HBO series Sex and the City?

Sarah Jessica Parker
Cynthia Nixon
Kim Cattrall
Kristin Davis