5 Questions: Orson's Offspring?

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The FOX-TV series Glee was set at which of the following presidentially-named fictional high schools in Lima, Ohio?

Rutherford B. Hayes
William McKinley
Benjamin Harrison
James Buchanan
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Which of the following child stars' short stature was the result of an autoimmune kidney disease?

Emmanuel Lewis
Robbie Rist
Mason Reese
Gary Coleman
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Which of the following accessories does the corporate reptile sport in the Turtle Wax logo?

Bow tie
Top hat
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Which of the following TV Western heroes rode a black-and-white pinto mare named Diablo?

The Cisco Kid
Bat Masterson
The Rifleman
The Lone Ranger
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Who starred as a Depression-Era death row corrections officer suffering from a chronic bladder infection in the 1999 film The Green Mile?

Kevin Spacey
John Malkovich
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Tom Hanks