5 Questions: Be My "Valentine"

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Valentine Michael Manson (who was eventually raised by his maternal grandparents in Wisconsin) was the son born in 1968 to Charles Manson and which of his very earliest Family members?

Susan Atkins
Lynette Fromme
Mary Brunner
Linda Kasabian
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What was the name of the student teacher portrayed by perky Karen Valentine (a role for which she won an Emmy) on the TV series Room 222?

Miss Johnson
Miss Hogarth
Miss McIntyre
Miss Tandy
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The song "My Funny Valentine", later popularized by Ella Fitzgerald, was originally written by Rodgers and Hart for what Broadway musical?

Pal Joey
A Connecticut Yankee
On Your Toes
Babes in Arms
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Which of the following candies is made by the same company that produces Sweethearts Valentine Conversation Hearts?

Pixy Stix
Necco Wafers
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The 1929 St. Valentine's Day Massacre took place outside of an auto repair garage in what U.S. city?

New York