5 Questions: "Len"t

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University of Maryland All-American college basketball forward Len Bias died of a cocaine overdose just two days after being drafted by what NBA team in 1986?

Cleveland Cavaliers
Indiana Pacers
Golden State Warriors
Boston Celtics
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What actor portrayed outspoken counterculture stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce in the 1974 biographical film Lenny?

Al Pacino
Robert De Niro
Dustin Hoffman
Warren Beatty
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Which of the following meteorological songs was considered to be the signature tune of legendary performer Lena Horne?

Stormy Weather
Rainy Night in Georgia
Winds of Change
On the Sunny Side of the Street
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Which character on TV's Gilligan Island portrayed Polonius in a musical version of Hamlet and advised "Neither a borrower nor a lender be" to the tune of "Toreador" in the episode entitled "The Producer"?

Mr. Howell
The Skipper
The Professor
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Annie Lennox (as one half of the duo known as Eurythmics) sang the lead vocals on which of the following 1983 Number One Billboard U.S. Pop Singles?

Come On Eileen
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
(Keep Feeling) Fascination