5 Questions: Captains "Cour"ageous

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What was the name of the housekeeper who addressed Bill Bixby's character as "Mr. Eddie's Father" on the TV sitcom The Courtship of Eddie's Father?

Mrs. Livingston
Mrs. Stanley
Mrs. Garrett
Mrs. French
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What national TV news anchorman used the single word "Courage" as his sign-off for a brief period during September 1986?

Peter Jennings
Tom Brokaw
Ted Koppel
Dan Rather
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The global "SuperHub" of FedEx (the international courier service formerly known as Federal Express) is located at which of the following airports?

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
Memphis International
O'Hare International
Raleigh-Durham International
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Which of the following professional tennis Grand Slam tournaments is played on a grass court?

U.S. Open
French Open
Australian Open
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Which of the following was the sidekick of the cartoon character known as Courageous Cat?

Rags the Tiger
Blabber Mouse
Muttley Mutt
Minute Mouse