5 Questions: Will and Mangesh

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Will Pearson co-founded mental_floss magazine in 2001; six years earlier rapper/songwriter Will.I.Am co-founded what million-selling hip-hop group?

De La Soul
Beastie Boys
Black Eyed Peas
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Mangesh Hattikudur was once named one of Delaware's Most Eligible Bachelors; today, however, we'd have to caption his photo with "Sorry girls, he's married" as the producers of The Ed Sullivan Show did to which member of The Beatles in 1964?

Ringo Starr
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
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Will once presented trivia facts on a regular segment on the CNN network, which (by the way) was the first U.S. network to implement a constant logo "bug" in the lower screen after rival stations pirated their footage of what breaking news event?

The Challenger explosion
O.J. Simpson's low-speed Bronco chase
President Ronald Reagan's assassination attempt
The Chernobyl disaster
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His closest friends address Mangesh by his nickname "Mango"; what Egyptian president gifted Prince Charles and Princess Diana with a crate of mangoes during their honeymoon in 1981 when the Britannia passed through the Suez Canal?

Sufi Abu Taleb
Gamal Abdel Nasser
Anwar Sadat
Hosni Mubarak
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Will is a proud resident of Alabama, the state which was also the home of the first mental_floss office; which of the following has NOT been a motto featured on Alabama license plates over the years?

Heart of Dixie
The Heart of It All
Sweet Home Alabama
Stars Fell on...