5 Questions: Please, I'm on a Diet

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Dr. Herman Tarnower, who was shot to death by his lover Jean Harris in 1980, was the author of a 1979 best-selling diet book named after what city in New York's Westchester County?

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After following a rigid diet and exercise program, TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey appeared on her show in 1988 wearing which of the following to show off her 67 pound weight loss?

A bikini
A Christian Dior mermaid gown
A workout leotard and tights
A pair of Calvin Klein jeans
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Which of the following songs was a 1982 Number One Pop Hit in the U.S. by Dexys Midnight Runners, a group whose name was inspired by a popular diet pill?

Eye of the Tiger
Tainted Love
Come On Eileen
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What actor shed 50 pounds via a carefully monitored diet for his role as an AIDS patient in The Dallas Buyers Club (which ultimately earned him an Academy Award)?

Matthew McConaughey
Benedict Cumberbatch
Christian Bale
Leonardo DiCaprio
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What future leading lady did director Alfred Hitchcock discover after viewing a TV commercial on The Today Show she'd done for Sego Meal Replacement Diet Drink?

Grace Kelly
Doris Day
Tippi Hedren
Kim Novak