5 Questions: Iditarod

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Husky Tools are the house brand and are sold exclusively at which of the following retail outlets?

The Home Depot
True Value
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In what classic film was "Rosebud" the name of a child's sled (not to mention an important plot point)?

The Godfather
Citizen Kane
It's a Wonderful Life
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What U.S. Vice Presidential candidate was once the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska?

Edmund Muskie
Sarah Palin
Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
Geraldine Ferraro
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What actress did James Cagney pop in the mush (to use the genre-appropriate vernacular) with half a grapefruit in the 1931 gangster film The Public Enemy?

Ann Sheridan
Mae Clarke
Joan Blondell
Virginia Mayo
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In which of his many dance-craze hit singles did Chubby Checker instruct listeners to "gee" and "haw" when turning left and right?

The Fly
The Hucklebuck
Limbo Rock
Pony Time