5 Questions: True Confessions

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What U.S. Presidential candidate admitted during a 1976 interview with Playboy magazine that he had "committed adultery in his heart" many times?

Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter
Jerry Brown
Bob Dole
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In which of the following TV sitcoms did the star have her character come out as gay in a controversial 1997 episode?

Veronica's Closet
Suddenly Susan
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What actor starred as an English teacher in the 1997 film comedy In & Out, which was inspired by Tom Hanks' accidental outing of his own high school drama teacher during his Academy Award acceptance speech?

Russell Crowe
Kevin Spacey
Kevin Kline
Rupert Everett
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What author of A Million Little Pieces admitted on a 2006 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show that he'd fabricated many incidents in his alleged memoir?

James Frey
Herman Rosenblat
J.T. LeRoy
Matt McCarthy
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What was the first name of the young boy who'd allegedly been spirited off in his father's homemade helium balloon in 2009 but later accidentally admitted on live TV that he'd "done it for the show"?