5 Questions: Fooled Ya!

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"Fool in the Rain" was the final U.S. single released by what venerable British band before it disbanded in 1980?

The Who
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
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"Foolscap" describes a standardized size of what product in the U.K.?

Airmail envelope
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What sporting event did Foolish Pleasure win in 1975?

America's Cup
Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Kentucky Derby
Soap Box Derby
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English poet Thomas Tusser is credited both for noting "A fool and his money are soon parted" in his 16th century book of instructional poems, but also which of the following observations?

April showers bring May flowers
A penny saved is a penny earned
Necessity is the mother of invention
Two wrongs don't make a right
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Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry starred in the 1998 film Why Do Fools Fall in Love?, which was a biographical drama based on the life of what lead singer of the 1950s doo-wop group The Teenagers?

Hank Ballard
Frankie Lymon
Maurice Williams
Otis Williams