5 Questions: Jelly Bean

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Songwriter/producer/DJ Jellybean Benitez remixed the hit singles "Borderline" and "Lucky Star" from what artist's debut album while also involved in a romantic relationship with her?

Whitney Houston
Janet Jackson
Taylor Dane
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Rowan Atkinson, the creator of the British sitcom character Mr. Bean, voiced which of the following characters in the 1994 Disney film The Lion King?

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Royal jelly, a popular alternative medicine dietary supplement, is produced by what type of insect?

Bed bugs
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What U.S President's famous love of jelly beans (he always kept a jar of them on his desk) began when he quit smoking cigarettes?

Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan
Lyndon B. Johnson
Gerald Ford
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What actor portrayed an eccentric saloon keeper and Justice of the Peace in the 1972 film The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean?

Burt Reynolds
Robert Redford
Paul Newman
John Wayne