This Cute Pasta Timer Sings Italian Ballads When Your Spaghetti Is Ready

The Al Dente pasta timer in action.
The Al Dente pasta timer in action. / Brainstream/Amazon
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Even if you enjoy cooking, it’s hard to get excited watching a pot of pasta boil—but after breaking out the Al Dente kitchen timer, you’ll find yourself singing along while stirring your spaghetti. This clever gadget brings a sense of humor to the otherwise mundane kitchen task.

Instead of a boring buzzer, Al Dente uses one of four classic Italian tunes to tell you when your is dinner ready. Once the pint-sized mobster is in your pot, it will emit a beep after 30 seconds to let you know it’s working. After three minutes, it sings “That’s Amore” to announce thinner pastas like angel hair have finished cooking. It sings “Titelmelodie - Der Pate” at seven minutes for tagliatelle, “Tarantella Napoletana” at nine minutes for spaghetti, and “Gefangenenchor” at 11 minutes for fusilli.

According to the kitchen accessory brand Brainstream, the four songs are “godfathers for different styles of pasta.” The plastic timer floats as it calculates your cook time, so the sharply dressed singer can keep you company while you work. As the product description reads, “Al dente looks like a Mafioso, but all he wants to do is to help.”

Al Dente is currently available for $25. You can order yours through Amazon today.

Though it was designed with Italian cuisine in mind, the tool can be used to time any boiled food that cooks within the set times. If you’re looking for an entertaining way to start your mornings, try it while boiling eggs. Here are more kitchen gadgets that make cooking eggs faster.