McDonald’s Boo Buckets Are Back—and Here’s How to Get Them

These limited-edition McDonald’s Halloween buckets are perfect if you‘re feeling nostalgic this season.
The fast food chain's much-loved Halloween pails are back for 2023.
The fast food chain's much-loved Halloween pails are back for 2023. / McDonald’s

‘Tis the season for getting spooky, and with Halloween comes the return many seasonal favorites. But we‘re not just talking about your favorite pumpkin-shaped chocolates here. This year, McDonald‘s is getting into the festive spirit of things by bringing back their much-loved Boo Buckets.

The original Boo Buckets made their first appearance in 1986 and came in three separate styles: the McPunk’n, featuring the classic jack o‘lantern face; the McBoo, which looked like a scared ghost; and the McGoblin, which was green and reminiscent of a witch. Although the fast food chain technically stopped offering them in 2016, they made a comeback in 2022 when McDonald‘s brought back a few of their classic designs. 

If this news gives you all the feels, you‘ll be pleased to find out that you might be able to get a hold of one this season, too. Through Tuesday, October 31, Boo Buckets will be available nationwide at McDonald‘s restaurants while supplies last. Not only that, but you‘ll have more to choose from this time around.

McDonald's Boo Buckets 2023 are seen: Skeleton, Mummy, Vampire, Monster.
You can get them through Tuesday, October 31 while supplies last. / McDonald's

“Let’s be honest ... spooky szn isn’t official until Boo Buckets are back at McDonald’s,” the chain wrote in a statement on their website. “Fans can get in the Halloween spirit at participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide with four new Halloween Happy Meal designs, including: Monster, Skeleton, Mummy and Vampire.”

To plan costumes accordingly, you can expect the Skeleton to be orange, the Mummy one to be white, and the Monster to be green, while the Vampire option comes in a shade of deep purple. All could pair well with your child‘s costume of choice—or yours for that matter, if you‘re feeling nostalgic.

Burger King’s “Trick-or-Heat” bucket.
Burger King’s “Trick-or-Heat” buckets are up for grabs too. / Burger King

How much these Boo Buckets will retail for varies by location, but you can expect to pay between $4 to $7, which is about the price range for a traditional McDonald‘s Happy Meal. (You shouldn‘t need to pay an additional cost, as the plastic buckets will replace the regular paper packaging that Happy Meal come in ... if your local restaurant has any left.)

Whether you missed out on them growing up or you‘re just in the mood for a retro throwback, Boo Buckets can be a fun way to add something extra to your trick-or-treating plans. You don't even necessarily have to stick to McDonald‘s to get a holiday-themed bucket, either. Burger King is also offering limited-edition “Trick-or-Heat” buckets that glow in the dark, which were inspired by their latest ghost pepper menu additions. For just $1, you can take one home while supplies last if you’re close to participating locations in Nashville, Tennessee; Las Vegas, Nevada; Charlotte, North Carolina; or Atlanta, Georgia.