Reviewers Say This TikTok-Famous Mop Will Make Your Floors Look Completely Spotless

No more wringing your hands over how to clean your floors.
No more wringing your hands over how to clean your floors. / O-Cedar / Amazon / pashapixel / iStock / Getty Images
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Nowadays, there are all kinds of cleaning gadgets designed to make simple household chores easier. If you hate vacuuming, you can outsource the work to a robot vacuum, which will keep floors looking tidy in between deeper cleaning sessions. You can even find two-in-one devices that will vacuum and mop in one fell swoop. But if all you really want is a straightforward way to rid your laminate, tile, or hardwood floors of set-in stains, then a plain mop can really do the trick. And as it so happens, this one from O-Cedar has taken the internet by storm.

The O-Cedar EasyWring microfiber spin mop ($33) isn't exactly your grandma's mop-and-bucket combo: It features a built-in foot-operated wringer, so you won't need to squeeze down with your hands every time the mop head needs to be wrung out. Speaking of that mop head, it's fully machine-washable, and according to the brand, consists of millions of strands of microfiber, ideal for picking up dirt and grime. In fact, that microfiber material is so effective that O-Cedar claims you can clear away muck with just water (or use it while it's dry), and the triangular-shaped head can rotate a full 360 degrees, meaning it's terrific for hitting corners, reaching under furniture, and cleaning along baseboards.

Person placing O-Cedar mop head into a washer.
Done cleaning? Just throw the mop head into the wash. / O-Cedar

Over on TikTok (or CleanTok, as it were), this O-Cedar mop-and-bucket duo has generated tons of buzz, with over 187 million views on the #ocedar tag alone. The same is true on Amazon, where this 4.7-star-rated pick has gotten more than 125,000 reviews on the site, over 80 percent of which are 5-star ratings. One professional house cleaner, who said she was skeptical at first, has since come to love it. "I go from room to room, upstairs and downstairs, and have never spilled a drop," she added. Several others refer to it as "must-have" and a "game-changer," with one raving: "The wringer is great! You just pump the foot pedal one, two, three, or as many times as you want to get the right amount of liquid in the mop head, [and] the more you spin it, the dryer the mop is. This feature really works well."

Folks have all kinds of hacks for how to best use it, too. Some TikTok users combine powder Tide, Fabuloso, and hot water to create their own cleaning solutions, while others have used Tide Pods instead of powder-based detergents, and still enjoyed great results.

If you don't mind putting in a little elbow grease (because after all, this is still a manual cleaning device), the O-Cedar EasyWring microfiber spin mop could be a great addition to your utility closet. With the telescopic handle (expandable up to 51 inches with the mop head attached), you'll be able to clean the most hard-to-reach areas around your home, and it's safe to use on all types of flooring. Grab it today for $33 on Amazon and check out these cleaning products under $15 if you're looking for more budget-friendly solutions to everyday chores.