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10 Things Made from Maple Syrup

Miss Cellania

Who wants some maple beer?

Spiny Mice Are First Known Rodents to Have Menstrual Periods

Kate Horowitz

Researchers say the mice may make good models for studying human menstruation.

Teens Discover Potential Exoplanets During an Astronomy Workshop

Michele Debczak

It was part of a program titled “Project Tatooine.”

Why Lady Mantises Eat Their Mates

Kate Horowitz

Genetically speaking, getting eaten could be the best thing to ever happen to a male mantis.

The U.S. Cities With the Most Vibrant Nightlife

Michele Debczak

These are the best places for dancing the night away.

10 Can't-Miss Titles Coming to Netflix This Month

Jake Rossen

More reasons to avoid sunlight.

SurgeFX Augments Reality in the Weather Channel's Studio

Dennis Mersereau

From virtually flooding the studio to zapping lightning strikes, the tech brings the elements indoors.

Atlas Obscura's New Book Puts the World in Your Hands

Andrew LaSane

The popular world exploration site is now available as a cool hardcover.

Two Rare Sumatran Tiger Cubs Were Born in London This Week

Anna Green

Two Sumatran tigers at the ZSL London Zoo became the proud parents of twins this week.

12 Facts You Need to Know About Bryan Adams

Erika Berlin

His first record contract was worth $1.

What’s the Right Way to Make a Jack Rose?

Clair McLafferty

In the cocktail world, a memorable name and an intriguing backstory make a drink stand out. The Jack Rose, a simple cocktail with a somewhat straightforward name, has both.

Light Pollution Could Be Affecting When Spring Starts

Shaunacy Ferro

A UK study finds that trees in bright urban areas bud 7.5 days earlier than trees in rural areas.

10 Amazing Facts About Alexander Graham Bell

Luke Spencer

The telephone was invented for love.

Canada's Trippy History of LSD Therapy

Jake Rossen

In the 1950s, Saskatchewan was home to a group of doctors who had an answer for alcoholism: tons of acid.

The 20 Most Expensive Neighborhoods for Renters in the U.S.

Anna Green

You can probably guess the city that took the number one spot.