Pick the Wintery Punch Line
39 Fun Questions to Ask Amazon Echo
"Alexa, what are the three laws of robotics?"... READ ON
Starbucks Misspells Names on Purpose, According to One Conspiracy Theory
Maybe your barista isn’t so careless after all.... READ ON
Big Question
Are Santa's Visits Legal?
When that jolly old elf shimmies down your chimney, is he actually breaking the law?... READ ON
Visit the Gyllenhall: Your New Favorite Punny Internet Corner
We wish we knew how to quit this.... READ ON
Humans in Costumes Use Wildlife Camera to Prank Kansas Police
"Animal Planet" has nothing on these mischievous scamps.... READ ON
A Japanese Hot Spring Haven Wants to Build a 'Spamusement' Park
Beppu, Japan—already famous for its hot springs—wants to make itself even more of a tourist destination.... READ ON
New York City Burger King Dresses as the Ghost of McDonald’s for Halloween
Your move, McDonald's.... READ ON
Watch Blue Man Group's Tiny Desk Concert
This trio of blue men truly rock.... READ ON
30 GIFs That Capture What It’s Like to Move to L.A.
Nothing distills the essence of looking for street parking like an endless loop.... READ ON
2016 Ig Nobel Prizes Honor Studies on Rats Wearing Pants
The Ig Nobels celebrate research that makes you laugh, then makes you think.... READ ON
Today's Kids Don't Quite Know What to Make of the Atari 2600 
Watch the vintage home gaming console puzzle an assortment of children.... READ ON
London's Underground Ads Have Been Replaced With Cat Pictures
The feline takeover at the Clapham Common tube station will last for two weeks.... READ ON
Oregon Farm Offers Yoga Classes With Goats
Now you can perform downward-facing dog alongside an adorable four-legged farm animal.... READ ON
A 1975 Physics Paper Was Co-Authored by a Siamese Cat
F.D.C. Willard contributed (in his own way) to a study of atomic behavior in varying temperatures.... READ ON
Vermont Town Invites Kevin Bacon to Attend Local Bacon Festival
Breakfast foods always taste better when puns are involved.... READ ON

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