Watch ’The Office’ Stars John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson Make Each Other Laugh in These Outtakes

Though they played workplace nemeses, John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson were cracking up between takes on the set of ’The Office.’ The video below cuts together eight minutes of Jim and Dwight footage that didn’t make it to air.
john krasinski & rainn wilson making eachother break for 8 minutes 21 seconds | The Office Bloopers
john krasinski & rainn wilson making eachother break for 8 minutes 21 seconds | The Office Bloopers / Comedy Bites

The cast members of The Office did more than make viewers laugh during their time on the sitcom. As we can see from the bloopers, they were also cracking up each other between takes. This supercut from the YouTube channel Comedy Bites focuses on the outtakes from a fan-favorite duo. While Jim and Dwight keep straight faces during their tense interactions, the actors who played them often struggled to get their lines out without laughing. 

The video above shows John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson making each other break for more than 8 minutes straight. Their two characters are pitted against one another on The Office, with Jim executing elaborate pranks and Dwight reacting with self-serious indignation. 

These bloopers from the show’s nine-season run show a different side to the performers. The NBC series is beloved for its deadpan humor, but even the professionals weren’t above getting a case of the giggles on set. Sometimes their laughter was infectious. The blooper reel shows Steve Carell, Creed Bratton, and other Office cast members breaking along with Wilson and Krasinski during particularly silly scenes. 

Based on this footage, it’s a wonder that the makers of The Office ever got any usable takes between Krasinski and Wilson. For a reminder of what the actors are capable of when they can keep a straight face, check out this compilation of The Office cold opens featuring some of Jim’s greatest pranks. 

It’s hard to imagine Jim and Dwight played by anyone else, but the cast of the show nearly looked a lot different. Adam Scott almost landed the former part, and Seth Rogen was in the running for the latter. Here are more facts about The Office you should know.