You Gotta Watch This

Model Wife is a hilarious web show about a normal guy married to a super model. The acting on it is fantastic and the writing was just nominated for a WGA Award. Plus, it features the wacked out screenshot above.


Nuclear Bombs as Construction Tools

Kind of a dumb idea, unless you’re trying to construct a giant pile of rubble.


Speaking of Explosions

The Hindenburg is just the beginning of this list of 25 of the deadliest explosions ever made by man.


Warning: This Is Incredibly Childish

This clip from Portlandia sends up the culture - and side effects - of raw foods. It’s extremely infantile. But really funny. In a totally sophomoric way. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


The Oddness at the End

Saturday Night Live typically reserves its last ten minutes for the weirdest, most experimental sketches they can cook up. AV Club counts down 19 of the most absurd.


This Is Very Difficult For Me to Admit

I recently admitted to my family and friends something that I have feared for years: the fact that there is now a Taylor Swift song on the radio that I find somewhat catchy. This has been a really difficult time for me and I appreciate your understanding and support. In light of this difficult time in my life, I found this article about the construction of catchy pop music to be interesting.


Splendid Spelunking

The Son Doong Cave is the biggest in the world, and here are the stunning pictures to prove it.