A Brief History of G.I. Joe

The origin of the cool children’s toys, not the action films. After you read that, make sure you check out this YouTube treasure trove of the old “Knowing is Half the Battle” PSAs. That way you’ll know what to do if your house is on fire, when you encounter an odd dog, when you get a nose bleed, and much more.


The Video Games of Springfield

I’d like to challenge Bart in a few of these games.


Peep Chandelier

That’s right, I said Peep chandelier. Why? Because at least then you don’t have to eat them.


Should We Worry About North Korea?

Do they really have the ability to nuke us?


America By the Numbers

These digits changed American culture.


Astounding Discoveries

Check out these eight amazing stories of people and things being discovered by accident.


Am Definitely Guilty of “Link Diving”

Happens every single day. Now at least I know the name for it.