It has not been fun being a human being this week. So, here is a bunch of pretty frivolous stuff I found to be interesting and amusing.


In the 1997 NBA Finals, Michael Jordan put on an iconic performance while suffering from “flu-like symptoms.” The performance has been lionized ever since and immortalized in a TV ad. However, a personal trainer now claims that Jordan was made ill by a “rogue pizza delivery man.” The plot thickens.


The Free App App

There are actually apps to help you find free apps. How do you find this free app app? There should be an app for that. If this app app app is ever created though, the internet will clearly cave in.


Shaking the Tail... And Everything Else

After everything going on this week, I really needed some simple, silly things to lighten me up. These pictures of shaking pooches worked.


Jump For Joy

I never thought watching a video of someone jumping rope could make me happy. I was wrong.

I want to be this good at something. Anything. Tell me in the comments below something that you’re this good at.


Science Explains: Elevator Awkwardness

Why you stand where you stand.



Like Netflix, Amazon has begun creating their own original content. Subscribers can watch these eight new pilot shows now.


It’s A Bird...

It’s a... Wait, never mind. Call off the SWAT team.