An Interesting Point of View

The Trunk is a brand new comedy web series that features stories shown through the trunk of a car. Interesting concept - and a very funny execution. Watch it a few times to catch how all the parts fit together. (Some NSFW language)


The Motor City Masterpieces

The city of Detroit might have to sell off priceless works from the Detroit Institute of Arts in order to pay creditors.


Science Explains: How Superman Shaves

That stubble must be tough. Thankfully Bill Nye can teach us all how it goes down.


The Lohan of Back Then

Reckless young celebrity starlets aren’t a new creation—they’ve been around as long as fame. Find out about four from the early 1900s that burned bright and fizzled out fast.


15 Seconds of Fame

There’s nothing more shocking to a sports fan than seeing their own face up on the scoreboard jumbotron. Some people grab the moment and own it.