There’s A Feeling In the Air That You Can’t Get Anywhere Except...

… In [Milwaukee/Phoenix/Calgary/Pretty Much Anywhere]. The worst way to express your uniqueness and individuality as a city is to use the exact same theme song that tons of other cities use. Watch the first video in this collection and then just let it keep loading new ones. It gets more funny as each new one starts.


This Is Some Heavy Stuff

Here are 20 interesting things you never knew about gravity.


King of the Stat Nerds

Everyone’s favorite number cruncher, Nate Silver, is leaving the New York Times and going to work for ESPN. Here’s how they landed his math skills.


Speaking of Numbers

Detroit has a lot of bad looking numbers right now. What have other bankrupt cities done to get back to even?


Not A Bear Market

I hope the Motor City isn’t planning to generate money by selling Beanie Babies.


The Meltdowns Continue

This morning Miss C. gave you Hollywood’s most memorable meltdowns. Now how about the most memorable athlete meltdowns.


Highlights of the Con

Comic-Con featured a number of cool announcements and some insanely-priced items.