Setting aside several hours to sample every bacon-filled item on the Farmer Boys menu may already sound like the perfect day to meat lovers. As Thrillist reports, the Southern California restaurant chain has found a way to make that scenario even more enticing: In exchange for one day of taste-testing every one of the eatery's bacon-filled dishes, Farmer Boys will pay its bacon intern $1000.

Farmer Boys is known for its bacon-forward menu. The restaurant's Farmer's Burger, Bacon Boy Cheeseburger, and Farmer's Chopped Cobb Salad all contain the beloved breakfast meat. For a full day, the new bacon intern will sample all of those items and judge the bacon they taste on qualities like flavor and thickness. They will also have the opportunity to try bacon-centric items that are still in development.

“At Farmer Boys, we’re firm believers in customer feedback and listening to our guests, and we felt that hiring our first ever Bacon Intern would add another layer to that philosophy and help make our food as pork-tacular as it can be," Farmers Boys Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Larry Rusinko said in a press release.

If this sounds like the job you were born to do, you can apply by uploading a photo or video to your personal Instagram account pitching yourself for the position. Tag @farmerboysfood and use the hashtag #farmerboysbaconintern to make sure your application is seen by the right people.

Prospective candidates have until August 20 to make their case. After the winner is announced on August 27, they will be responsible for getting themselves to Southern California, where the gig is located, to participate in this lucrative bacon binge.

[h/t Thrillist]