Can You Recognize Hollywood’s Most Famous Movie Cars Just From Their Outlines?

The DeLorean time machine from 1985's Back to the Future.
The DeLorean time machine from 1985's Back to the Future.
Oto Godfrey and Justin Morton, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 4.0

From Batman’s Batmobile to Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Machine, some of the cars in classic Hollywood productions seem like characters themselves. In others—1968’s The Love Bug, for example, or the entire Transformers franchise—they actually are.

In short, you’d probably recognize one of Hollywood’s most famous cars if it happened to be parked right in front of you, regardless of whether or not it exhibited any sentient qualities. However, what if you were only looking at a faint outline?

UK-based vehicle leasing broker Select Car Leasing created a quiz to find out just that, based on a test that car designers and manufacturers use to discern how aerodynamic certain vehicles are. In it, they place the car in a wind tunnel and blow white smoke toward it, making it obvious which design elements are affecting the path of the smoke (and how).

So Select Car Leasing developed a virtual wind tunnel for Hollywood’s venerated vehicles, tracked the hypothetical path of white “smoke” over them, and then removed the vehicles—leaving you to guess which car was there from the silhouette of the smoke waves.

Since it’s a multiple-choice quiz with three options for each question, your chances of guessing correctly are pretty good, even if you don’t remember every curve of every car in Hollywood (or even the make and model).

Along with the aforementioned movie automobiles, you’ll see possible answers from series like Back to the Future, The Fast and the Furious, Jurassic Park, and more.

See how you fare on Select Car Leasing’s quiz below, and test your knowledge of other Hollywood car trivia here.

Turn Your LEGO Bricks Into a Drone With the Flybrix Drone Kit


Now more than ever, it’s important to have a good hobby. Of course, a lot of people—maybe even you—have been obsessed with learning TikTok dances and baking sourdough bread for the last few months, but those hobbies can wear out their welcome pretty fast. So if you or someone you love is looking for something that’s a little more intellectually stimulating, you need to check out the Flybrix LEGO drone kit from Fat Brain Toys.

What is a Flybrix LEGO Drone Kit?

The Flybrix drone kit lets you build your own drones out of LEGO bricks and fly them around your house using your smartphone as a remote control (via Bluetooth). The kit itself comes with absolutely everything you need to start flying almost immediately, including a bag of 56-plus LEGO bricks, a LEGO figure pilot, eight quick-connect motors, eight propellers, a propeller wrench, a pre-programmed Flybrix flight board PCB, a USB data cord, a LiPo battery, and a USB LiPo battery charger. All you’ll have to do is download the Flybrix Configuration Software, the Bluetooth Flight Control App, and access online instructions and tutorials.

Experiment with your own designs.

The Flybrix LEGO drone kit is specifically designed to promote exploration and experimentation. All the components are tough and can totally withstand a few crash landings, so you can build and rebuild your own drones until you come up with the perfect design. Then you can do it all again. Try different motor arrangements, add your own LEGO bricks, experiment with different shapes—this kit is a wannabe engineer’s dream.

For the more advanced STEM learners out there, Flybrix lets you experiment with coding and block-based coding. It uses an arduino-based hackable circuit board, and the Flybrix app has advanced features that let you try your hand at software design.

Who is the Flybrix LEGO Drone Kit for?

Flybrix is a really fun way to introduce a number of core STEM concepts, which makes it ideal for kids—and technically, that’s who it was designed for. But because engineering and coding can get a little complicated, the recommended age for independent experimentation is 13 and up. However, kids younger than 13 can certainly work on Flybrix drones with the help of their parents. In fact, it actually makes a fantastic family hobby.

Ready to start building your own LEGO drones? Click here to order your Flybrix kit today for $198.

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