Give Your Home Decor a Refresh With These 6 Subscription Boxes

Curate your home's decor and have some fun along the way.
Curate your home's decor and have some fun along the way. / Decocrated
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If you have an affinity for stylish, seasonal home accessories but don't have time to cull through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or other sites to find the bespoke items you're secretly hoping for, a subscription box could be the next best thing. Not only will you save money on trips to your favorite furniture or design store, but they also help to take the hassle out of shopping.

Additionally, most of these packages come with handmade products, which means you’ll get something unique in the process. Read on for the best home decor subscription box to suit every style. 

1. Rustic Buffalo; From $54

Rustic Buffalo Box contents including sign, artificial flowers, and other items.
Rustic Buffalo Box / Rustic Buffalo/Cratejoy

Rustic Buffalo subscription boxes are filled with up to six specially curated, Pinterest-worthy finds per month. Each one is themed (think: Valentine’s Day for February, St. Patrick’s Day for March) and could work well if you're looking for holiday-related trinkets for around the house. For decor and design enthusiasts who have a special appreciation for cute, handmade collectibles, this is one collection that really aims to please. 

Shop: Cratejoy

2. Norlii; From $70

Norlii Box contents including plush pillow and trinket box.
Norlii Box / Norlii

Norlii is famous for its Scandinavian-inspired subscription boxes, which are delivered straight from Denmark. All the items featured are carefully selected so that subscribers can embrace the Nordic concept of hygge (a.k.a. coziness). With this in mind, expect lots of plush blankets, soft pillows, and scented candles to help you create a calm, comforting environment.

Shop: Norlii

3. Decocrated; From $75

A Decocrated subscription box with contents like a clock peeking out.
Decocrated / Decocrated

Decocrated subscription boxes feature up to eight seasonally inspired pieces that range from pillow covers to art prints, and more. According to the brand, it's an over $200 value. Plus, each shipment contains a handy booklet that lists product descriptions, tips from professional decorators, and inspiration for how to style everything yourself. You’ll also gain access to Decocrated’s exclusive, members-only shop, where you can find more products at affordable prices. 

Shop: Decocrated

4. ELhyme; From $90

Contents of ELhyme Box including knickknacks.
ELhyme Box / ELhyme/Cratejoy

ELhyme is a women- and veteran-owned small business that specializes in handmade, sustainable products. With each unboxing, you'll find timeless (read: not just trendy) items like candle holders, hand-glazed pottery, and hand-crafted textiles that are built to last. Each package contains anywhere from five to nine keepsakes. 

Shop: Cratejoy

5. GlobeIn; From $62

Contents of GlobeIn Box, including cocoa mix, a blanket, and more.
GlobeIn Box / GlobeIn

Wish you could travel the world and collect artisan-made souvenirs along the way? GlobeIn’s boxes boast an array of elegant items like mugs from Morocco, leaf baskets from Mexico, and so on, all of which are produced in small batches. Even better, your purchase helps support fair wages and safe working conditions for creators and designers across the globe. Opt for a gift box (curated with three to five pieces that are sourced internationally) or build your own.

Shop: GlobeIn

6. FayesAttic11; From $77

FayesAttic11 box and contents.
FayesAttic11 Box / FayesAttic11/Cratejoy

These monthly themed gift boxes make holiday decorating a breeze. Each package offers handmade gems like wood signs, bead or felt garlands, and mini rolling pins that can make your space more rustic-looking (in a good way).

Shop: Cratejoy