Working From an Office Costs Employees Almost Twice as Much as Working From Home

Keep It 100/Royalty-free/iStock via Getty Images

Time isn’t the only thing remote workers save by ditching their commute. According to a recent report, going into the office costs nearly twice as much as working from home full-time, with in-person employees spending an extra $5000 a year.

As Money reports, the video conferencing solutions company Owl Labs surveyed more than 2300 full-time employees about their daily spending habits this past July. Workers who commuted into the office spent $863 a month on average on related expenses, such as meals, pet care, and transportation. Remote employees, meanwhile, spent $423 per month in the same categories, adding up to $440 saved.

A hybrid work model has been presented as a compromise between the traditional work schedule and the newer remote wave, but it can still end up costing employees. One third of the survey participants reported going into the office only part-time, and they still out-spent their fully remote counterparts by a significant amount. The average hybrid worker spends $15.11 on commuting, $14.25 on lunch, and $8.46 on coffee and breakfast each day. With food and gas prices reaching historic highs in 2022, these daily expenses have become harder to budget for.

Working from home comes with its own hidden costs, like internet, electricity, and office supplies. But compared to the $4 lattes and $15 sandwiches you might buy everyday as a commuter, these expenses are minor. If you’re looking to invest some of the money you save on commuting into your home office, here are some products to spruce up your setup.

[h/t Money]