Spot the Daisy at the Picnic in This Hidden Object Puzzle

See the uncropped image below.
See the uncropped image below. / Portmeirion

Summer is the ideal time to pack up your picnic basket and head to the nearest park for an afternoon of snacking and sunshine. The image below features all the essentials—sandwiches, fruit, cheese, bread, silverware, and tea—spread out across a classic red and white checkered blanket. It also features one tiny daisy hiding among the other items.

How long will it take you to spot it? Once you’ve timed yourself, scroll on to reveal the answer key and find out if you beat the record time.

hidden object game: spot the daisy at the picnic
Where are the Scotch eggs? / Portmeirion

The puzzle was designed by UK-based pottery retailer Portmeirion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its Botanic Garden product line, which includes everything from kitchen staples like dishes and napkins to home goods like candles and flower pots. There’s even a charming 18-piece picnic hamper that wouldn’t look out of place in Brideshead Revisited.

If you’re planning a British picnic, it wouldn’t be complete without some Scotch eggs: boiled, wrapped in sausage, covered in breadcrumbs, and fried to crispy perfection. But the UK hardly has a monopoly on picnic culture—plenty of other countries have their own picnic traditions. In Germany, for example, you might partake in a friendly game of naked Frisbee. In Greece, people mark the start of Lent by flying kites at family picnics.

While picking wildflowers during a picnic sounds pretty nice, it’s generally a bad idea to interfere with plant life in any natural habitat (and in many cases, it could even be illegal). So let’s assume the rogue daisy in the puzzle hailed from a homegrown garden.

According to Portmeirion, the record speed for spotting it is clocked at just 25 seconds. See the answer below.

answer key to 'spot the daisy' hidden object game
Sneaky flora. / Portmeirion