IKEA’s 10-Pound Meatball Belongs on Your Holiday Menu

IKEA wants to be a part of your festivities this holiday season. The furniture chain's 10-pound Swedish meatball is big enough to feed the entire family.
IKEA UK via Instagram

Can’t decide between serving ham or turkey at your family gathering this holiday season? Take the opportunity to launch a new tradition this year that your loved ones likely won’t forget. As the Independent reports, IKEA has introduced a turkey-sized version of its famous Swedish meatballs for customers looking to add a show-stopping main course to their holiday menu.

While IKEA is known for its ready-to-assemble furniture, the retail chain’s meatballs have gained a cult following. If you don’t have time to swing by an IKEA food court, you can prepare the frozen version at home or make them from scratch using the official recipe. This year, you can enjoy the iconic dish in a whole new way: as a single, 10-pound mound of meat large enough to feed the whole family. 

IKEA shared footage of the specialty item to its UK Instagram page on December 5. The post above shows a massive meatball on a bed of mashed potatoes being drizzled in cream sauce. Considering that IKEA’s meatballs usually come swimming in the condiment, a standard-sized gravy boat likely won’t cut it in this instance.

The brand plans to offer the meatball in its own box, with lingonberry jam and brown sauce accompaniments included to complete the holiday feast. IKEA hasn’t announced the pricing or the official launch date, but according to the latest Instagram post, customers will “Find out how to get your mittens on one soon.” Unfortunately for American fans of the Scandinavian chain, the meatball will be available exclusively in UK stores.

The furniture store’s famous meatballs have gone through many transformations over the years. In 2018, the IKEA test kitchen unveiled meatballs made from bugs and algae, and in 2021 the company released a meatball-scented candle. You can learn more facts about IKEA here.