These Rubbermaid Food Storage Containers Are Great for Keeping Leftovers Fresh, and Now They're on Sale

Keep all your favorite foods fresh for longer with these Rubbermaid storage containers.
Keep all your favorite foods fresh for longer with these Rubbermaid storage containers. / Rubbermaid / Amazon / Dony / iStock / Getty Images
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Compared to lawn tools or portable air conditioners, food storage containers might not seem like an important household investment—but the truth is, they are. With the best storage sets, you’ll be able to efficiently organize your pantry while keeping all your favorite snacks and leftovers fresh. Depending on how large your family is, you’ll probably need to have a lot at your disposal, too. Fortunately, you can now save up to 32 percent on select Rubbermaid sets on Amazon.

There are multiple collections on sale through the site, but the most affordable is this 10-piece Rubbermaid Brilliance set. Originally $35, it's discounted by about $10, so it'll only cost you $25. If you don't mind spending a little more, you can grab this 8-piece assortment for $34, marked down from $50. This 16-piece batch of containers comes with the brand's classic red lids, and you can get it for $37 when you clip the $2 on-page coupon.

Most of these finds come from Rubbermaid’s Brilliance collection, which means they’re made of see-through, BPA-free plastic that's resistant to odors and stains. Another perk? These containers are virtually shatter-proof and come with leak-proof lids that are designed to be stackable. You can even safely use these holders in the freezer, dishwasher, and microwave.

Rubbermaid Brilliance 8-piece food storage container set sitting on a shelf in a pantry.
Rubbermaid Brilliance 8-Piece Set / Rubbermaid/Amazon

The Rubbermaid Brilliance 10-pack is ideal for those who like to meal prep or keep smaller things organized. It includes two 1.3- and 3.2-cup holders, plus one 9.6-cup vessel, with matching lids for all. There are built-in vents under the latches, which are good for splatter-resistant microwaving once you put the lid on. Overall, these lightweight and ultra-portable receptacles should be enough for most average folks.

Even though the 8-piece Rubbermaid Brilliance set technically offers the fewest containers, you'll get 3.2-, 6.6-, 12-, and 16-cup options, all of which come with snap-on lids. These holders are vertically oriented for better shelf storage, which could be beneficial for bakers who need to stash large quantities of flour or sugar or for those with kids who want to keep their tots' favorite cereals from going stale too quickly.

Person opening the vented lid on a Rubbermaid food storage container.
Rubbermaid 16-piece Set / Rubbermaid/Amazon

Want a collection that'll last you the full work week so you don't have to constantly wash and reuse the ones you have? Consider getting the 16-piece set, which comes with four 3-cup bases and four 5-cup bases, plus matching red lids to fit all of them. These are part of the Rubbermaid Brilliance line, but all the containers are still see-through and made from BPA-free, non-toxic plastic. Whether you want to freeze some leftovers or run these receptacles through the dishwasher, you can do that safely. These are even safe for microwave use.

No matter which assortment you pick up, these will last you for years to come. In fact, the only issue you'll probably have is trying to keep track of them all (but an organizer like this could probably help). Head over to Amazon to catch these Rubbermaid deals today.