Arrested Development

Pop a Teamocil, crank up your favorite Dr. Fünke's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution album, and show us how much you know about the series.

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When Tobias leaves an "off to work" note for his wife Lindsay on the kitchen counter, how does he sign the note?
Your husband
T (Tobias)
Dr. T Fünke
Not you
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On "take your daughter to work" day, Michael decides that George Michael is getting too old for the joke they normally play where George Michael goes with him to the Bluth Company as his daughter. Michael takes Maeby to work with him instead. Who does George Michael end up hanging out with that day?
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What was the name of the failed business venture where Lindsay used advanced photo-enhancement technology to show parents what their children would look like in the future?
Your Kid's Future Now
Mommy, What Will I Look Like?
How We Age
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What was the name of GOB's girlfriend Marta's Spanish daytime television show?
El Amor Prohibito
Te Amo
Mi Hermano
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In the show's pilot episode Maeby claims that she found something in her Bluth Frozen Banana and demands a refund from George Michael. What is the something she claims to have found?
A worm
A fox's foot
A fingernail
A human finger
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When Maeby masquarades as Surely, a girl ostensibly suffering from a crippling disease, in order to collect charity money donated by sympathetc students- what disease does she pretend to have?
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When Amy Poehler guest stars in a few episodes as GOB's wife, whom he marries after a series of escalating dares, what is her occupation?
High school ethics teacher
Seal salesman
Maritime lawyer
Undercover federal agent
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What is Buster Bluth's birth name?
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Tobias' "nevernude" affliction is an actual psychological condition known as?
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While working some additional hours to help supplement his magician-based income, GOB performs with a group of male strippers known as?
Hot Cops
Merry Men
Good Time Boys
The Alliance
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When GOB blows up the family yacht as part of a magic performance featured on the Youth Oriented Music network during spring break, who is on board when he makes the yacht "disappear"?
George Michael
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What classic painting do two Bluth men traditionally recreate during the Living Classics Pageant?
The Last Judgment
The Judgment of Paris
Venus and Mars
The Creation of Adam
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What is Tobias supposed to be doing with the $1,100 that he decides to pay Carl Weathers for acting lessons?
Donating it to charity
Reacquiring his medical license
Buying Lindsay a fancy dress
Starting Gobias, Inc.
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What is the official tagline for the private practice operated by Bluth family attorney Barry Zuckercorn?
"He's very good"
"He's very professional"
"He's very serious"
"The guy's a pro"
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When George, Sr. first heads off to prison, what does Michael suggest he "dial down" while in the joint?
His entreprenurial social status
His unconcealed elation at being there
His cowboy act
The fact that he's demonstratively wealthy