Star Chores

Life on the International Space Station may seem sexy, but NASA doesn't have maid service. Astronauts have to clean up after themselves, just like the rest of us. Today's quiz tests your ability to keep house in space.

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How do astronauts “flush” the space station's toilet?
With a scrub brush
With a vacuum
With a laser
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What untidy guest is a problem on the International Space Station?
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How often do astronauts have to clean out their refrigerator?
Once a day
Once a week
Never—there isn't a refrigerator
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How often do astronauts change their underwear?
Every day
Twice a day
Once or twice a week
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Why is showering in space dangerous?
Water goes everywhere
Other astronauts might see you naked
Houston gets involved
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Astronauts are able to generate their own drinking water. Where do they get it?
Cabin Air
Dirty Water
All of the above