Box Office One-Offs

The list of the top-grossing American films of all time is filled with movies that had (or were) sequels... everything from Star Wars to Home Alone to Jurassic Park. In fact, so many of them appear on the list that we think you'll have a difficult time naming the top-ten U.S. films of all time that were NOT part of a series.

Just to be clear: (1) these movies have neither been nor spawned any theatrical-release sequels to-date; and (2) we're using the films' original box office takes, not a conversion to 2008 dollars. (So, yes, they're all from the last quarter-century or so, hint hint.)

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Box Office One-Offs
Titanic|The Titanic
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial|E.T.|ET the Extra Terrestrial|ET
The Passion of the Christ|Passion of the Christ
Finding Nemo
Forrest Gump|Forest Gump
The Lion King|Lion King
Transformers|The Transformers
Independence Day
The Sixth Sense|Sixth Sense|6th Sense
The Incredibles|Incredibles||