A Pret-ty Good 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Quiz

Hey, we needed something to do while we wait for Larry David to write season seven. How else would we get our fill of Larry and his social awkwardness? If you're craving the show like we are, check out our Curb Your Enthusiasm quiz. It's pret-ty, pret-ty good.

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Which member of the Seinfeld cast has not appeared on Curb?
Jerry Seinfeld
Jason Alexander
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Michael Richards
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Which athlete has not appeared on the show?
John McEnroe
Muggsy Bogues
Nomar Garciaparra
Gary Player
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In the episode "Grand Opening," what is wrong with the chef hired to work at Bobo's?
He lied about being bald.
He had Tourette's Syndrome.
He hated Larry.
He didn't really know how to cook.
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How did Larry and Cheryl meet, according to Cheryl?
They both had Jeff Greene as a manager.
They got into a car accident - Larry hit Cheryl because he was trying to figure out his presets.
They went to UCLA together and met in art history class.
She was reading "Dog Fancy" and he made fun of her.
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As a kid, Larry David went to summer camp with a celebrity who frequently guests on Curb. Who is it?
Ted Danson
Mary Steenburgen
Richard Lewis
Jason Alexander
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In the episode "Shaq," what Seinfeld episode does Shaq say is his favorite?
The Junior Mint
The Contest
The Bubble Boy
The Puffy Shirt
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What is the name of the Curb theme song?
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In the episode "The Ski Lift," what does Larry eat when he gets hungry while stuck on a ski lift?
Penis-shaped gummy candy
An old, unwrapped mint he found in his coat pocket
A roll he snuck from the bread basket at lunch
Edible underwear
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What is on the Larry David Sandwich?
Ham, turkey, swiss chese and sweet mustard sauce on fried bread
Whitefish, sable, capers, onions and cream cheese
Pastrami, swiss, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, sea salt and mustard-dill sauce
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When Larry died, what were his last words?
"I have a system."
"Dogs CAN look up."
"I've always loved you, Susie."
"I had a different plan for eternity. I thought I'd be single again."