The Fictional College Final Exam

As long as you can find the right DVD, television and film’s fake colleges are always in session. How well do you know your fictitious colleges? Take the quiz to find out your grade.

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What school did the gang attend on Saved By the Bell: The College Years?
California College
California Pacific University
California University
University of Los Angeles
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Ice Cube, Tyra Banks, and Laurence Fishburn attended what school in Higher Learning?
Columbus University
Cleveland University
Cincinnati State University
College of Akron
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What college’s out-of-control football team was depicted in The Program?
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At what college did Tom Green stay behind while his friends traveled in Road Trip?
University of Ithaca
Ithaca Central University
Vermont Tech
Hoover University
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When Rodney Dangerfield went Back to School to perfect the Triple Lindy, which college did he attend?
Upper Midwest University
Dairy State College
North Wisconsin State
Grand Lakes University
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For which school’s basketball team did Shaq and Penny Hardaway dominate under the reign of a corrupt coach played by Nick Nolte in Blue Chips?
Mountain State University
Western University
Eastern University
Nover College
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What school was Van Wilder taking forever to finish?
Coolidge College
Fitzgerald College
Stoneham College
Flanders College
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What college hosted the old-guy fraternity in Old School?
Buffalo State
Harrison University
Rochester Central University
Alexander College
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What college provided the backdrop for Revenge of the Nerds?
Adams College
Jefferson College
Madison College
Taft College
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What college did David Spade, Jon Favreau, and Jeremy Piven attend in PCU?
Port Chester University
Pacific Coast University
Pennsylvania Central University
Point Crest University
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Where did Bluto and the other Deltas from Animal House go to college?
Thurber College
Seidell College
McDaniel University
Faber College
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After surviving a rash of high school murders, at what college do the cast of Scream 2 get terrorized?
Greenwich University
Windsor College
St. Agnes School
Fowler University