Name Every Slam-Dunk Contest Winner

Since its inception in 1984, there have been 19 different Slam-Dunk Contest champions (some players have won multiple titles). How many of those 19 winners can you name in 5 minutes?

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Name Every Slam-Dunk Contest Winner
Larry Nance
Dominique Wilkins|Wilkins|Dominique Wilkens|Wilkens
Spud Webb
Michael Jordan
Kenny Walker
Dee Brown
Cedric Ceballos
Harold Miner
Isaiah Rider|J.R. Rider|JR Rider|Isaih Rider|Isiah Rider
Brent Barry
Kobe Bryant
Vince Carter
Desmond Mason|Desmon Mason
Jason Richardson
Fred Jones
Josh Smith
Nate Robinson
Gerald Green
Dwight Howard