Who Drafted Him?

You may remember that the San Diego Chargers picked Eli Manning (they made out pretty well in that deal), but do you recall who drafted these 15 other big names from the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball?

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Steve Young made the Hall of Fame for his exploits as the 49ers QB, but what team drafted him?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Los Angeles Rams
Miami Dolphins
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Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla has made two All-Star teams, but the team that originally drafted him let him slip away through the Rule 5 Draft. What team was that?
Arizona Diamondbacks
New York Mets
Colorado Rockies
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Texas Rangers infielder Michael Young’s pro career began when what team drafted him?
Montreal Expos
Toronto Blue Jays
Pittsburgh Pirates
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Who originally drafted Celtics guard Ray Allen?
New Jersey Nets
Atlanta Hawks
Minnesota Timberwolves
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What NFL team drafted four-time Pro Bowler Ahman Green after he starred at Nebraska?
Cincinnati Bengals
Jacksonville Jaguars
Seattle Seahawks
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Who selected Southern Mississippi QB Brett Favre in the 1991 NFL draft?
San Diego Chargers
Washington Redskins
Atlanta Falcons
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Rugged big man and WNBA coaching guru Bill Laimbeer was originally drafted by what team?
Cleveland Cavaliers
Los Angeles Lakers
Kansas City Kings
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What team drafted NBA bruiser Charles Oakley?
Cleveland Cavaliers
Phoenix Suns
Chicago Bulls
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What team originally drafted long-lived QB Mark Brunell?
New York Giants
Kansas City Chiefs
Green Bay Packers
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Who originally drafted Hall of Fame second baseman Ryne Sandberg?
Chicago White Sox
Philadelphia Phillies
Los Angeles Dodgers
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Doug Flutie made a name for himself as a journeyman QB, but what team NFL originally drafted him?
Los Angeles Rams
St. Louis Cardinals
Chicago Bears
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Whose cap did Vince Carter initially wear on draft day?
Vancouver Grizzlies
Houston Rockets
Golden State Warriors
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What team called Scottie Pippen’s name on draft day?
New York Knicks
Seattle SuperSonics
Washington Bullets
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Noted big-game pitcher and verbose blogger Curt Schilling was originally a draft pick of what team?
Philadelphia Phillies
Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox
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What team took all-star Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez with the first overall pick in the 2000 Major League Baseball draft?
Kansas City Royals
Florida Marlins
Montreal Expos