TGIF: The Quiz

In 1989, ABC's block of Friday night programming became collectively known as TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Funny). How well do you remember the shows that have aired throughout the years?

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What were the four shows comprising the original TGIF lineup?
Perfect Strangers, Full House, Mr. Belvedere and Just The Ten Of Us
Perfect Strangers, Full House, Step By Step and Boy Meets World
Full House, Family Matters, Step By Step and Boy Meets World
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In Hangin’ With Mister Cooper, Mark Cooper formerly played for what professional basketball team?
The New York Knicks
The Golden State Warriors
The Utah Jazz
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What was the name of Sabrina’s quizmaster in Sabrina The Teenage Witch?
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At the conclusion of a very special episode of Dinosaurs, Robbie talks to the audience about drug addiction. What fictional drug that did he find that, when ingested, made him feel happy?
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During a flash forward episode of Boy Meets World, Corey’s older brother Eric gives up his worldly possessions, becomes a hermit and goes by what name?
Dances With Dweebs
Plays With Squirrels
Lives With Feeneys
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In Just The Ten Of Us, Coach Lubbock received what personalized license plate for his birthday?
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Bob Uecker, the actor who played the father on Mr. Belvedere, is a broadcaster for what Major League Baseball team?
Milwaukee Brewers
Pittsburgh Pirates
Cleveland Indians
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To win over Laura’s heart in Family Matters, Steve Urkel must prevail in a rope-climbing contest against an athletic braggart. What device does he invent to help him win?
A motorized pogo stick
A jet pack
Air Urkels, a signature nerd shoe with special jumping abilities
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Balki Bartokomous, half of the key duo in Perfect Strangers, is from what fictional Greek island?
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During an episode of Step By Step, Carol mistakenly washes one of Al’s blood-soaked sport’s jerseys right before a game. How does Carol suggest correcting the problem?
Use food dye to re-stain it
Have Al put on dark makeup to give the appearance of black eyes
Hope that Mark gets a nosebleed
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In Full House, Uncle Jesse inherits a night club he frequented growing up. What was the name of this club?
The Smash Club
Jessie and the Rippers Joint
The Michelle
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Twins Tia and Tamera work at what fast food place in the TGIF show Sister, Sister?
Rocket Burger
McBennet Burgers
Fast & Quick Burgers