The Adventures of Pete & Pete: The Quiz

In the classic world of mid-90s Nickelodeon, The Adventures of Pete & Pete stood above the rest. How much do you remember about Big Pete, Little Pete, and the other unusual elements of Wellsville?

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What is the Petes’ last name?
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In the famed (and controversial) episode Sick Day, Little Pete fakes food poisoning to play hooky and finds himself going on adventures all over Wellsville. Among his exploits was getting what stuck up his nose?
A piece of cereal shaped like Dwight D. Eisenhower
The world's only triple jellybean
One of the mailman's collectible mailman action figures
A dime mistakenly dated from the future
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One classic episode finds Big Pete struggling to do what to avoid turning out like the school janitor?
Grow an extra six inches
Learn long division
Ask a girl out on a date
Pass a test on the Revolutionary War
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Danny Tamberelli, a.k.a. Little Pete, had quite a career in kid’s television. Besides appearing on “All That” and “The Baby-Sitters’ Club,” Tamberelli did voice work for what series?
The Magic School Bus
Blues Clues
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For some reason, bullies in the world of Pete & Pete were given unusual nicknames. Which of the following was not a name given to a bully?
Hat Head
Pizza Face
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Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi, the show’s creators, wrote a movie intended to be a followup to Pete & Pete. However, film executives weren’t on board with the idea, so it was made as a stand-alone film in 2000, albeit with some actors from the original series. What was the movie?
Snow Day
My Dog Skip
Kids World
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What are the call letters for Little Pete’s radio station?
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What fictional brand produces most everything in the world of Pete & Pete?
Hammer, Inc.
Product Plus
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Little Pete’s idol was Artie, who held what distinction?
World's longest tongue
First person to see Pluto with the naked eye
World's strongest man
Fastest baseball pitcher ever
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For a kid’s show, Pete & Pete managed to recruit a surprising number of celebrity cameos. Which of these stars did not appear in at least one episode?
Steve Buscemi
Selma Blair
Magic Johnson
L.L. Cool J
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In the episode “When Petes Collide,” the brothers engage in a staring contest for what family heirloom?
Rolling Thunder, their grandfather’s magical bowling ball
Their grandmother’s skeleton, which can glow in the dark
A piece of chewing gum that had been chewed by family members for 97 years
A photograph of Bigfoot taken by their great-uncle
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What rock star plays the father of Nona, Little Pete’s best friend?
Michael Stipe
Ringo Starr
David Bowie
Iggy Pop
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What is the name of Little Pete’s tattoo?
Amelia J. McEsquire
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What physical quirk did the Petes’ mom have?
Double-jointed knees
A metal plate in her head
The stump of a tail that was removed in childhood
An 8-fingered right hand